About My Recipes

My recipes are based on from-scratch cooking. That means preparing food from basic ingredients, as opposed to using already processed food. Processed food is not good for us. Which is why I teach you how to be your own food processor!

The huge majority of my recipes are healthy, and come with complete instructions so that even the novice can be a success in the kitchen. They are all skill-coded.

What does skill-coded mean? They've been rated with a skill notation that allows you to understand the recipe's difficulty level going in. Some are quite simple and suitable for the beginner, while others require a higher skill level.

Skill Notation

+1 — Novice: No Cooking Experience

+2 — Beginner: Few Years Experience

+3 — Intermediate: Several Years Experience

+4 — Experienced: Several Years Solid Experience

+5 — Cooking Guru Extraordinaire

It's very easy to click on a group of recipes based on skill level by using the navigation to your right -- so you never get out of your depth.