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Hi there! I’m Chef Lindy.

Food is one of my passions, one I’ve been exploring for over 50 years. I love cooking healthy, delicious food for my friends and family and am constantly in search for new (or updated) recipes.

I grew up in a family that cooks, so a huge portion of my cooking knowledge came to me through osmosis. Hang around in the kitchen long enough, you pick up some things. But, what if you’ve never cooked before?

Where do you start? It’s hard to know where to begin, especially when common wisdom is that cooking is easy.

 Cooking is easy, if you have the right kitchen equipment, years of experience, and an abundance of knowledge AND recipes stored away in your brain. If you DON’T have those things, even the most basic of food preparation can be wrought with difficulty, not to mention very time consuming.

 One of my goals in creating this site was to give both novice and practiced cooks the confidence they need to be their very own cooking guru!

I also want to share my own skills so that you, too, can cook your own healthy unprocessed food.  Everyone says processed for is bad for you, right? That’s because it is bad for you. Using this site will help you learn how to be your own food processor!

BTW: I’m located in beautiful Lafayette, Indiana near Purdue University.  If you’d like personal, one-on-one cooking lessons, I do that, for a fee. I also come to your group or organization and lecture about healthy eating. That, I do for free.

Message me at: info@mycookingtutor.com

Or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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I hope you enjoy my site; please feel free to respond to it’s content.







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