How to Buy Onions

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buy onions

How to Buy Onions

Learning how to buy onions will help you fully use this most versatile aromatic vegetable. There are many different types of onions, so consider what you will use them for before you buy.

  • Scallions are considered a fresh onion, and should be kept UNWASHED in the refrigerate and used within a week.

    Choose firm scallions with bright, fresh-looking leaves. To learn a bit more about scallions, check out this page.

Sweet Onions and Storage Onions
  • Choosing sweet and storage onions is the same for all onions, look for those that feel heavy for their size and have dry skin and no obvious bruises or blemishes.

  • Leeks are the sweetest member of the onion family and look a bit like over-grown scallions. Look for those with bright, crisp green stalks. Note the smallest leeks are the sweetest.
Need to Know How to Chop an Onion?

Would you like to learn more about onions?



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